Gravity Die Castings

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A permanent mould casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a vessel of ladle into the mould, and the cavity fills with no force other than gravity, in a similar manner to the production of sand castings, although filling can be controlled by tilting the die. It is a repeatable casting process used to manufacture large quantities of components with minimum effort.

At Rhevathi Engineering, we manufacture high quality die castings as per the drawings and customer specification. We also use inserts of different kinds along with the regular die based on the customer requirements and its applications after the casting process. Die casted components are known for a variety of machine components.

Highlights of the Gravity Die Castings

  • Varied sizes of castings can be made
  • Varied wall thickness can be achieved from the same mold
  • Reduce the requirement of cores
  • Mechanical strength is excellent
  • Cylindrical shapes can be achieved through this.