Rhevathi Engneering

About us

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Rhevathi Engineering, founded in the year 2000, has grown to become a noteworthy firm in the manufacturing sector of non ferrous castings. By recognizing the possibilities in the industrial sector and with a vast experience in the methods of casting, Mr. Palaniswamy embarked on this venture to set heights in offering quality castings to various industries.

We are specialized in manufacturing centrifugal castings by both vertical and horizontal methods. Castings of this kind offer good wear resistance that is notable for attaining quality results.

We also undertake sand castings and gravity die castings as per the customer’s specifications and requirements. Our quality control testing facilities with machine shop ensures that the castings we produce renders quality results as specified. We have a production capacity of 500 kg/day and the size of the components ranges from few grams to 400 kilograms per casting.

We employ the following casting methods:

  • Centrifugal casting
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Sand casting

  • We cater the needs of various industries of all sectors to meet their non ferrous casting needs. And, we focus on manufacturing and supplying the non ferrous casting products that meets International standards and guidelines. Our customer footprint spreads across many states in India, and other countries such as Germany, Thailand, South Africa and UK.