Centrifugal Castings

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Centrifugal casting process is employed to create thin walled cylinders which are noted for its quality especially for the accurate control of the structure. This casting is mainly used for the production of semi finished products that can be further machined to attain good results. A fixed mold rotates continuously in the centrifugal casting. The rotating mold spreads the molten metal centrifugally where it get the structure after cooling.

We are one among the very few quality professionals who have mastered this process in the foundry industry within India. Our products casted using the centrifugal casting process are known for their precision, toughness and long lasting life when they are assembled into finished machineries from a variety of industries.

Highlights of the centrifugal castings

  • Varied sizes of castings can be made
  • Varied wall thickness can be achieved from the same die
  • Reduce the requirement of cores
  • Mechanical strength is excellent
  • Cylindrical shapes can be achieved through this.